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Speculations About a UFO Lights Seen Over Toronto (UFO's or Not?) August 4, 2014

"Speculation is flooded on the social media after mysterious flashing lights were noticed on Saturday over north Toronto.

A video of a strange event was posted on YouTube by Sarah Chun on Saturday. Chun described it as a very bright, glowing orbital object.

Theories about the identity of the lights range from Chinese lanterns to drones and from the kite with lights to UFOs.

Alejandro, a resident in North York, said that he saw some children in a park preparing to fly a kite attached with a light rig on Saturday evening.

A couple of hours later, Alejandro claimed that he saw a line of lights in which he believed from the kite of the kids he saw earlier.

Others pointed out Chinese lanterns that were released to mark the end of Ramadan as the sources of the lights.

A Toronto police officer on Saturday tweeted that for 15 years in service, he first received a report of a UFO wherein the reporting witness was so serious about it. He added it was a quad copter that was up over Yonge Street, north of Empress, launched from a building top on Saturday night. He used the term “My UFO” in his tweet.

The police division where the Toronto police officer belongs said that he was on patrol Saturday night, but added that they do not think he has a quad copter or even operating one. They think that the police officer was the first one to claim he saw a UFO.

The police officer later tweeted that he was the one who first reported it and said he was not flying one. He just used the phrase “My UFO” since he was the first one to report it and he was speculating that the lights were from a quad copter that was launched from a building top." -Latest UFO Sightings .net-

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