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October 7, 1965 UFOs Alert Edwards Air Force Base

"On the night of in California. Also involved were the following Air Force Bases in California: Norton, George, Hamilton and March plus NORAD and the Los Angeles Air Defense Sector (LAADS). An F-106 Delta Dart Interceptor was sent up after 12 Luminous UFOs (which were high tech solid craft, under apparent intelligent control, which easily outdistanced the F-106 at 40,000 foot altitude. We have the confirmation on declassified control tower tapes, and the soldier manning the control tower that evening, Sgt. Chuck Sorrels. The audio reveals LAADS requested that Edwards AFB personnel wake up the bases UFO Officer to assess the developing situation. In 1965 Edwards AFB had a UFO Officer. The objects appeared on radar at Edwards and were also picked up on radar at San Pedro, LAADS, George AFB and were seen visually at George and several areas at Edwards. The team interviews Sgt. Sorrels, listens to the audio of the events as they happened and plot the radar and visual sightings. Former Air Force Flight Engineer Bill Scott discusses the case with the team, and the UFO Hunters speak with George Merrett, a former test pilot based at Edwards who was at Edwards on October 7, 1965 – he will tell us what he saw and give his opinions as to what might have occurred in the skies above the United States’ premiere air test facility."

UFO Hunters - Code Red : Season 1 Episode 12

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